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Instructor:  Mr. Kaleb Farley

Criminal Law Enforcement Specialization Brochure | Criminal Justice Crisis Intervention Brochure

Criminal Justice is a two year program for juniors and seniors who are interested in one of the many careers in a law related occupation. Such careers may include police officer, sheriff’s deputy, state police, FBI officer, detective, lawyer, judge, corrections officer, probation officer, security officer, forensics, or even a counselor.

The criminal justice program is a dual enrollment class. Students have the opportunity to receive up to 12 college credits while in this program. The following college courses will be taught during the two-year period. Introduction to Criminal Justice, which is an overview of the Criminal Justice system and lays the foundation for the entire program. Introduction to Law Enforcement, which focuses more specifically on police work and different authorities the enforce our laws. Substance Use and Abuse, which focuses on the categories of drugs and how these drugs affect our bodies, minds and communities.

Crisis Intervention which focuses on crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, school violence, terrorism, etc. Lastly, for those who qualify and wish to participate, and internship is available. For those not participating in the internship program, Introduction to corrections will be covered. There will be very little written homework given. However, students will be responsible for keeping up with current events relating to criminal justice and leading a discussion on them to the class on a daily basis.

Much of our time is spent in the classroom learning about the criminal justice system. Therefore, there will be quite a bit of writing involved. However, we will take field trips to court, jail, etc. and also have law enforcement professionals visit the classroom to do hands on activities. As a result of our close relationship with professionals in the law enforcement community, students with a criminal background and/ or other behavioral programs should not apply to this program.