Industry Certification Data

Industry Certification Data
Posted on 01/20/2022
Recent industry credentialing initiatives through Career and Technical Education encourage students to work toward earning an industry certification, achieving a State licensure, or passing an occupational competency assessment while pursuing a high school diploma. To graduate with a Standard Diploma, a student must earn at least 22 standard units of credit by passing required courses and electives, and earn at least six verified credits by passing end-of-course SOL tests or other assessments approved by
the Board of Education. Beginning with students entering ninth grade for the first time in 2013-2014, a student must also earn a board-approved career and technical education credential to graduate with a Standard Diploma and successfully complete one virtual course, which may be non-credit bearing.

The class of 2017 was the first class required to meet these new requirements. All seniors graduating with a Standard Diploma succeeded at meeting this requirement. During the 2020-2021 school year, students in CTE classes passed 715 licensure or certification exams. Students earned 612 certifications in 2019-2020, 1358 certifications in 2018-2019,1411 certifications earned in 2017-2018, 1505 certifications earned in 2016-2017, 1471 certifications earned in 2015-2016, 1421 earned in 2014-2015, 1396 certifications earned in 2013-2014, 864 earned in 2012-2013, 466 earned in 2011-2012, 301 earned in 2010-2011, 180 earned in 2009-2010, 102 earned in 2008-2009 and 32
certifications during the 2007-2008 school year. A total of 980 certification or licensure exams were given to students during the school year. Due to COVID-19 students were not able to take certifications in many courses at the end of the school year which is why the total number of test given is much lower than previous years.  Find out more!